【CLASH OF CLANS】Farming!!! aiming for maximum efficiency!!

This is English ver.

↓Japanese Ver↓




Hello world! This contents presents for player who want to aim for maximum efficacious hunting, would love to change wall color and use stronge unit. 



Goodmoring, Goodafternoon and Goodevening ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧



In this time, I wan to introduce that Healer&Archer Queen and Baby Dragon, goblin is the maximum efficacious hunting.

 This topic is super value. so I try to write not only Japanese but also English version!(only junior high school english lol) (_・ω・)_ Dan




How organization 

 the major

・Archer Queen gets up

・High level Healer (if player can't use high level Healer, you get other player' Healer of Clan Castle.)

・In low level trophies (that is easy because just check the leaving your friend's trophies who is the same level TH with you. This is your easy to earn level!! )



 Healer&Archer Queen and Baby Dragon's melit point is that

・one organization make you attach 4 times at least (normally 2 times)

Two times speed!!

・you become a super Healer&Archer Queen player!

・you improve breaking the wall of Wall Breaker!





Organization a screen


Healer is over 8

Wall Breaker is over10

ALL Rage Spell

Baby Dragon, Goblin is irresponsible






I am TH10, gold 1 league, and search times is 5.


①First start Healer&Archer Queen


  • You mind not to aim Healer from Air Defense
  • Baby Dragon, and Goblin attach Gold Mine and Elixir Collector that Healer&Archer Queen can't attack
  • You need to tap Healer&Archer Queen to avoid defense Archer Queen of high level 




 Healer&Archer Queen

 no time while Healer&Archer Queen can't attack!

tap Baby Dragon, and Goblin and get the Gold and ElixirΣ(・ω・;ノノ)

Goblin Baby Dragon

Goblin Baby Dragon



let's use Goblins and Baby Dragons little by little and take Gold Elixir divided into cases


 When Healer&Archer Queen attack the wall, tap the Wall Breaker to break the wall.


Healer&Archer Queen

Oh my god!!


Before dead Healer, Archer Queen use Royal Cloak. Finish hunting in full HP of Archer Queen.






use unit amount is 115 that is under half 240 that Th10 max unit number.


 There is some questions(ノω・`。)?

『My Archer Queen is low level

『My Healer is easy to die ><』


no problem(´ー`*)ok


  • Archer Queen is minimum 5 level. Important thing is healing speed!Σ(・ω・;ノノ)When Queen's HP is low, use rage.(๑•ㅂ•) ok
  • ︎When Healer die, add one more Healer. (๑•ㅂ•) ok



Most important thingΣ(・ω・ノ)ノ


That is full HP of Archer Queen when you finish hunting.(_・ω・)_ Dan

Main attacker is Archer Queen, so not let sleep time. lol



And one more important thing is(_・ω・)_ Dan


make unit only you use!

this thing make you not to slope the unit balance. (if you not to done,Wall Breaker is 40>< )



Thank you for read my English sentence.


If you fell Good, please RT and make more good  CLASH OF CLANS  time!

 &if you have any Quetion, please ask me!