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This time I have summarized how to raise the building after upgrading on TH14.





TH14 pets pet house COC Clash of clans  order of upgrades



New Construction

 What a pet shop (official name: pet house) can be built, a Builder’s Huts can be turned into a defense facility,
Anyway, I have more fun. I want to strengthen the village with the maximum efficiency possible! However, it is an article for those who do not know in what order.




You must know before giving TH (let's check here alone)


The difference between a hammer and a book.


→ Any construction or upgrade is completed instantly (elixir, money, etc. are required)


 → Any upgrade is completed instantly (elixir, money, etc. are not required)


This means pet stores can't use hammers! !! !! !!

(Players who have been playing TH13 for a long time tend to forget it)

Therefore, when you update TH, be careful not to use books .


TH14 pets pet house COC Clash of clans  order of upgrades


Super top priority building

① Pet shop (because it takes more than 200 days to raise all pets)

② Lab (because it takes time if research is not done first)

For the reasons above (), these two must be raised with the highest priority because the starting line will be after construction / upgrade.


There are 4 pets, and it takes 51 days to go from 1Lv. To 10Lv. Moreover, it seems that it will take 200 days to finish all the items because it cannot be upgraded in parallel (lab specification).


Pet shops cannot be built with a hammer, so be careful not to fall on the start dash.


Top priority building

① Traps and additional walls for small bombs, etc.

② Clan Castle

③ The first step up of the carpenter's hut

④ Various heroes



Traps do not take long to build, so add them at this time.


It's easy to misunderstand, but you don't necessarily have to use a hammer book because you can apply for reinforcements even when the Clan Castle is under construction.


All heroes have a MAX increase of 5Lv. And it takes about 8 days to increase 1Lv., So even if you turn it at the shortest, it is a 40-day course (more conscientious than pets), so it is good to go early. ..


The builder's hut will change its status role significantly just by raising it one step, so I would like to raise it as soon as possible.



Priority building

① TH

② Carpenter's hut

③ Eagle artillery

④ Scattershot

⑤ Additional wall (up to the same level as other walls)


Since it has a role as a strong facility, you can expect a significant improvement in defense power just by raising it one step.


You can also increase the pattern of defense placement by increasing the level of the added wall. Until then, the additional weak wall can be used as an obstructive wall by installing it near a dummy wall or a drilling wall (note that the update will change the quiche logic of the drilling wall, so after the update Confirmation required).



The writer 

① Use Hammer of Building to raise TH (purchased 7 days ago)

② Use Book of Building to build pet house

③ Use Hammer of Building to reise lab (newly purchased)

④ In the lab research, Use Hmmer of Fighting to reise Healer  (purchased 7 days ago), and an additional Hmmer of Fighting to reise an ice golem, Hammer of spell  to reise a poison, and finally Babydora is researched and finished.

⑤ Construction of small traps and walls

⑥ Sleep various heroes as much as resources allow

⑦ Carpenter's hut is postponed


I'm thinking of doing it with the hero's most specialization.



The new update will get we excited. Depending on rules of the clan, there are rules that allow clan wars and league when upgrading pets, so it may be difficult to agree on the opinions of the members, but I would like to make it a fun COC life.